7 Day Sleep Apnea Relief

7 Day Sleep Apnea Relief

1. Food Allergy/Sensitivities, no alcohol in evening
   Do BED Diet

2. Environmental Control of Bedroom – National Allergy Supply   www.NationalAllergy.com

3. Facial rinse/sinus flush –
   1.  Plug sink
   2.  Tablespoon of salt
   3.  Fill with hot water
   4. Test water with chin first before immersing face – DON’T BURN YOURSELF!
       Ease into water when comfortable for your face.
   5. Immerse your face (nose, eyes, mouth, cheeks) up to your
       ear line in hot water.
   6. Hold for 5 seconds, lift out, blow nose in tissue
   7. Repeat dip x 5

4. Vitamin C 1000-3000 mg 3 x day (reduce if loose stools)
    Vitamin D 5000 IU
   Culturelle (probiotic) 1-2 per day

5. Lose Weight – Salad daily, no dairy, no bake/fried goods grain in a bowl, 1 palmful of animal food per day or less. Kirk’s 21 Day Program HealthyLivingforBusyPeople.com  

6. Treat infections – underlying sinus or gut infections (physician)

7. Fix structural abnormalities in the upper sinuses (physician)

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