Why Is It Patriotic To Be Healthy? (video)

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75% of the United States enormous health care budget, now approaching 20% of our gross domestic product (GDP), goes to pay for chronic or lifestyle diseases that are largely preventable and sometimes reversible – heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, obesity, etc. That means about $12.00 out of each $100.00 this country produces goes to diseases that if we ate the right foods and got some exercise we could prevent or treat. That is why I say it’s “patriotic to be healthy” because it:

  • Saves the government money;
  • A healthy work force results in businesses spending less on health care benefits and insurance premiums, which would make our work force be more competitive;
  • If we stayed healthy insurance premiums would go down;
  • Staying healthy with a more unprocessed plant-based diet would help protect the environment.

Read my book, “Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane” to see how we (U.S. and World) got in this negative health state and the solution. Part I (page 3), “The Problem” reveals 6 dietary patterns that have lead to these chronic diseases in the United States and around the world; In Part II (page 33), “The Solution,” read the proof that these diseases are preventable and many times reversible by mainly changing ones diet. Read Part III (page133), “The Program” which outlines my diet, exercise and flexibility program (TRIAD Wellness Program) and the “9 Simple Steps to Optimal Health” to prevent these disease and reverse many of them.
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