Fibromyalgia 10 Things You Can Do! (That Work!) (video)

Fibromyalgia 10 Things You Can Do! (That Work!)

1.    Eat of the BED Diet (Basic Elimination Diet) – a low allergy food list to use as a shopping list. Eat as whole, non-processed and organic if possible foods off this list for 2-4 weeks. Foods can cause inflammation and pain.

2.    Take probiotics which help normalize the gut immune system and reduce inflammation.

3.    Vitamin D3 5000-10000 IU per day. Get your blood level checked 2-4 weeks later. If no vitamin D level can be obtained with 5000 IU per day can be taken daily.

4.    A good B complex 50-100 mg for each vitamin. Helps with sugar metabolism, nerve function and energy production.

5.    Vitamin B1 600-1800 mg per day orally. May take 100 mg IM (intramuscular ly) every 4 to 7 days. Equals large oral doses effectiveness. Do under doctor’s supervision. Share abstract. This therapy is not due to a blood deficiency but intracellular one. Blood levels of vitamin B1 do not correlate.
(See additional abstracts below)

6.    Magnesium 200-600 mg (chelate, aspartate, glycinate, citrate, oxide) per day. Cut back if loose stools. Important in many enzyme reactions in the body, helps relax smooth muscle and improves energy production.

7.    Coenzyme Q10 – ubiquinol 200 mg 2 x day with foods (with fatty meal).

8.    Gentle movement daily – “light” Tai Chi, Yoga, walking, bicycling unless you feel worse the next day. Then reduce the dose.

9.    Stool exam from Genova Diagnostics (CDSA or GI Effects) or Doctors Data Comprehensive Stool Exam.

10.    Lyme Testing with Iginex – assessed by experienced and trained Lyme Disease physician. Dr. William Mora, MD in my practice (916)-489-4400 8-9 p.m. M-T-Thrs-Fri.

You can speak to Kirk Hamilton PA-C Monday thru Friday 8-9 A.M. at Health Associates the medical clinic he works at (916-489-4400).

Abstracts on Chronic Diseases, Fatigue , Pain and Vitamin B1

High-dose thiamine improves the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Thiamine and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis: a report of three cases.

High-dose thiamine improves fatigue after stroke: a report of three cases.

High dose thiamine improves fatigue in multiple sclerosis.

Thiamine and spinocerebellar ataxia type 2.

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