How To Get Rid of Morning “Brain Fog” ?! (video)

FOODS – No alcohol, dairy foods or desserts with or after dinner.
For best result leave those foods out of the diet completely
for two weeks or eat from Basic Elimination Diet Food List (BED Diet).

MEDICATIONS – Check medications and hormones the night before.


BED – No pets on bed (preferably in bedroom), stuffed animals or dolls.

Take pillowcases and sheets and heat in dryer at high heat two times per week.

Use mattress and pillowcase covers if severe allergy problem.

Reduce dust and mold in the bedroom. Look for mold under carpets.

Keep window (s) closed during pollen season.

Can get air vent filters.

Get a HEPA air filter in the bedroom.

National Allergy (Suppy) –  on line store of allergy reduction supplies, especially for home use.

FLUSH SINUSES – plug sink; add tablespoon of salt; test hot water with chin; immerse face up to ear line for 5 seconds; lift face out of water and blow nose and repeat x 5.


Take vitamin C powder ¼-1 teaspoon (1000-4000 mg) at night and in the morning. Watch for loose stools and reduce dose.

Tyrosine first thing out of bed take 4  500 mg capsules 2000 mg at once with water (won’t work  if mixed with foods). If same or better take 1 more pill each morning till 3000 mg in the morning (3rd day). Back off pill if light tension headache or irritability occurs (rarely). Only need 2-3 day trial (by itself, with water first thing in the morning) to see if there will be benefit (increase mental clarity, energy and mood in the morning)

Powerthru 1 in morning, can do second at noon.

CoQ10 (ubiquinol) 100-200 mg with breakfast (best absorbed with fat).

B 50-100 complex 1 with breakfast.

Coffee, green or black tea without sweetener or creamer. Can use nutmilks.

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