Fructose in Fruit Is Not Bad! Eat Fruit! (video)

I was half asleep (and freezing) when I watch (and shot) this video late at night, so I have a  “Zombi” look that I apologize for, but the message of fructose in whole fruit not being harmful, and the whole fruit being beneficial is my intention.

Fructose in the whole fruit has less of a blood sugar (and insulin) rise and fall compared to fructose by itself, which spikes higher and can actually result in a lower blood sugar than the level before it was consumed (higher insulin spike with fructose by itself). The protective benefit of the whole fruit on the blood sugar (and insulin) rise and fall may go beyond the fiber and water in fruit to the protective antioxidant compounds in fruit (polyphenols, carotenoids, etc.). It was also shown that when you added the fruit or fruit juice to the fructose by itself there was a protective effect in the rise and fall of the glucose from the added fruit either whole or as the juice. Don’t be afraid to eat the fructose in the whole fruit, especially berries. I still wouldn’t drink a lot of fruit juice…Eat the whole fruit.

Watch this excellent video: If Fructose is Bad, What About Fruit?

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