Back Pain…Is It Your Diet? Clogged Arteries?

Watch this excellent video by Michael Greger, MD,  “Back in Circulation: Sciatica and Cholesterol” and subscribe to
Back pain can be a vascular (blood vessel) disease. Clogging of the arteries near the spine do to atherosclerosis caused by high fat, high cholesterol, low nutrient dense diets.

Reduce blood flow to:
1) the nerves – nerve damage;
2) muscles and ligaments;
3) and reduce nutrients in and waste removal from vertebral disks which are avascular (don’t have a blood supply in them) resulting in more degeneration.

Steps To Reduce Back Pain
Watch this video by Dr. Greger
• Low allergy, nutrient dense, plant-based diet – do just the plant-food from my BED Diet
or get a vegan cook book and eat the wheat free (Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook)
• Avoid caffeine for 1-2 weeks (coffee, teas, caffeine sodas or energy drinks.
• Cal-Magnesium 1:1 500:500 mg of each
• Vitamin D 2000-5000 IU
• B complex with B1 100 mg/B12 1000 mcg/d
• B1 100 mg/B12 1000 mcg IM daily for 5-7 days
• Move the big muscles of your back – aerobic exercise without causing pain [DON’T DO ANY EXERCISE THAT HURTS YOU! YOU GO UP TO PAIN AND AROUND PAIN]
• Daily flexion and extension exercises with hamstring stretches. TONY HORTON’S 10 MINUTE TRAINER – YOGA ROUTINE [DON’T DO ANY EXERCISE THAT HURTS YOU! YOU GO UP TO PAIN AND AROUND PAIN]
• Get up from sitting every ½ hour and to 10-20 pumps with what I call “wall yoga” and “Wall Sit”
• Walk on a home or office treadmill, ride an exercycle, rebounder, stair stepper or climber for 5 minutes every ½-1 hr – increase blood flow to your whole body and back

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