Diet, Lifestyle and Music Can Help Alzheimer’s Disease!

• ½ of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is attributable to seven modifiable
risk factors which increased risk:  diabetes mellitus, midlifehypertension and obesity, physical inactivity, cognitive inactivity.
depression, smoking and (Excluded diet in study model).

• The Mediterranean Dietary Pattern (MeD) was protective against
AD. Decreased AD and decreased cognitive decline. Increased fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and reduced meat and dairy.

• The dietary components in the MeD that were protective were
increased vegetable consumption and a higher ratio of monounsaturated fats to saturated fats. Monounsaturated fats are from nuts, beans, olive oil. Saturated fat is from meat, egg and dairy. Fish and alcohol showed no benefit with regards to AD incidence.

• Across country study showed countries with the lowest fat intake (China lowest) had the lowest incidence of AD while the countries with the highest intake of fat (U.S. had the highest intake) had the highest intake of AD.

• Harvard Study of 6000 women showed those with the highest saturated fat intake (meat, dairy) had a 60-70% greater odds of having cognitive decline. Those with the lowest intake of saturated fat had brains that were 6 years younger.”

• Those who followed the MeD had a lower incidence of AD If already had AD adherence to the MeD resulted in a lower death rate as well PROTECT AGAINST ALZHEIMERS DISEASE.

• Exercise your body
• Exercise your brain
• Eat more fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans
• Get fats from nuts seeds, avocados, some extra virgin olive oil, some fish
* Eat less saturated fat from meat, egg and dairy (keep saturated fat low)
• An alcoholic drink a day maybe
• Don’t smoke, be depressed, get midlife obesity or hypertension or diabetes

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease with Diet (video) by Michael Greger, MD
******Watch “Alive Inside” a documentary on Alzheimer’s disease subjects responding dramatically to Music!!!

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