Some Exercise is ALWAYS Better Than No Exercise!

Building the “Exercise Habit”
(Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane, page 161) [Order Below] “Building the exercise habit is the key to incorporating this most important component of being healthy into your lifestyle. Daily structured movement has to be as important and expected as brushing your teeth, taking a shower, combing your hair, and other normal and expected activities of daily living.

When you get to the point where not exercising feels “not right,” the way you’d feel if you didn’t brush your teeth for the day, then you have built the exercise habit. When you don’t go home from work until you exercise, you have built the exercise habit. When you don’t turn on the TV before you exercise at home, or at least turn on the TV at the same time you exercise, you have built the exercise habit. When you are looking for ways to exercise when you  are away from home on business or vacation, you have built the exercise habit. When you don’t try to make an excuse for not exercising, you have built the exercise habit. If you say, “Some exercise is better than no exercise” when you can’t do your regular exercise routine, and you do something else involving movement, you have developed the exercise habit.”

Chapter 14
“The TRIAD Exercise Program
(Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane, page 159) [Order Below]

Steps 4, 5, and 6 in the 9 Simple Steps to Optimal Health
• (Step 4) DO Aerobic Exercise a minimum of one half-hour daily.
• (Step 5) DO Strength Training three to four days per week for fifteen to thirty minutes.
• (Step 6) DO Flexibility Exercises four to seven days per week for fifteen to sixty minutes.

Looking at any part of our human evolutionary history, there is no question that we were “born to move.” All of our ancestors were moving for hours a day, working very hard, usually with the end result of feeding themselves and their kin. If we look at the modern day “Blue Zone” populations, those enclaves of modern-day aging wonders who live and are functional into their eighties, nineties, and one hundreds, we can see that they move daily—and they move a lot! Usually hours per day doing their daily work, not minutes.”

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Be and Stay Well..And Move…No matter if it is a few minutes several times daily.

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