Carbs Are Good For Diabetes! (video)
29 million Americans have diabetes a 10% jump in the last 2 years.
86 million are at risk for developing diabetes. A new book by George
King MD, director of research at the “famed” Joslin Diabetes Center
at Harvard Medical School and author of a new book “The Diabetes
Reset: Avoid It. Control It. Even Reverse It. A Doctor’s Scientific Program.
Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent, Slow or Reverse Diabetes (AARP Oct-Nov, 2014;24).
Here are 5 things Dr. King recommends doing to slow, prevent or reverse diabetes:
1) Cut the fat and up the fiber .
2) The diet should consist of 15% fat, 15% protein and 70% carbohydrate with the majority coming from fruit, vegetables and whole grains.
3) High fiber fills you up and slows the absorption of the calories reducing the stress on the beta cells in the pancreas.
4) Don’t rely on supplements. (though chromium 200-400 mcg, zinc 20-30 mg and magnesium 200-400 mg per day are reasonable – my opinion, not Dr. King’s).
5) Get 6-8 hours of sleep reduces risk (an English study showed 5-6 hours of sleep per night reduces insulin sensitivity).

I Also Suggest:

1) Listen to my podcast from world-wide experts on diabetes. Go to this link (Staying Healthy Today Archives) and type in “Diabetes” in the Search Box and listen to Drs. Barnard, McDougall, Fuhrman, Jenkins, Anderson, and Sorenson.

2) Read “Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes”; Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “The End of Diabetes“; and Dr. John McDougall’s “The Starch Solution“.

3) Do my “21 Day PowerAging Program” for 3 weeks then give a trial of another 3 weeks completely off animal products while being on a low fat, high fiber, low allergy animal free diet.

4) Get my book “Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane” where my FREE “21 Day PowerAging” gives short, concise reading assignments (page numbers in parentheses following step) on page 1 of my FREE Handout.

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