Weighing Yourself To Weight Loss!

This study showed that an optimal frequency for overweight people to weigh themselves to avoid weight gain is every 5.8 days or about weekly. People who went beyond every 5-6 days tended to gain weight.

Even though the data doesn’t show this I recommend weighing yourself daily (I do twice daily). Your scale is your “best friend” gently guiding you so you don’t slide too far. In my experience when people don’t weigh themselves frequently it is easy to slide 3-5 lbs and those people quit their lifestyle program.

Eat unprocessed foods, mostly plant-foods (fruit, vegetables, whole grains, beans, root vegetables, palm full of nuts or seeds daily), less than a palm full of animal food per day if you must, walk 15-30 minutes daily and weigh yourself at least weekly, I say daily :-))! and you will do great!

Are Breaks in Daily Self-Weighing Associated with Weight Gain?

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