The Incredible Value of Strength Training in the Elderly

The Incredible Value of Strength Training in the Elderly
I recommend circuit training to all my patients by doing 6 different arm exercises and 6 different leg exercises, 10-15 repetitions each. It’s simple, fast, safe and easily understandable. This takes about 15 minutes. Time should not be an excuse. Two to three times a week is very beneficial. I personally “aim” for every day and miss a day or two per week.

I also recommend my patients to incorporate at least 15 minutes of aerobic training and 10-15  minutes of some type of flexibility work. Simple stretching is fine. I personally do 10-15 minutes of a stair climber daily in an interval fashion and dance salsa for an hour to an hour and a half 4-5 nights per week. I do a simple 12 minute yoga routine 4-5 days per week.

You can fit these short aspects of fitness into different parts of your day if you have that mind set. I will often do my short yoga routine at lunch time or right after work on a park tennis court. I will go to the gym at my lunch break and do my weights and/or stair climber. 

It is a matter of making exercise as important as brushing your teeth and eating. Then you have to make it efficient, effective and safe (especially as we get older…me included!). The program style mentioned above is efficient. My 86 year old patient was doing this almost nightly so it can be done at any age!

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