Dropping Your Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Fast Without Drugs!

Dropping Your Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Fast!
A 64 year old male 6 foot 260 lbs. who was a type 2 diabetic (A1C 7.2) and had high cholesterol (250) and triglycerides (204) and low testosterone (226) and vitamin D (27) in 1 month by eliminating all dairy foods, baked goods and breads, eggs and ate more salads, free range beef and lamb, beans, squash and  potatoes (whole foods not processed), and taking  10,000 IU of vitamin D daily had the following changes in just 29 days (1 month):

Cholesterol            250 to 183
Triglycerides          204 to 107
HDL cholesterol      46  to 51
LDL cholesterol      163 to 111
Chol/HDL ratio         5.4 to 3.6
Hemoglobin A1C      7.2 to 6.4
Vitamin D                 27  to 55
Testosterone (T)      226 to —
Testosterone (F)       41  to —

This patient easily could have been put on a statin drug, 1 or 2 diabetic medications and testosterone replacement and probably would have been retested in 2-4 months.

By not going on medication and being retested in a month this patient is empowered and knows that it is his effort totally, with regards to his lifestyle, that made these dramatic changes over a short 1 month period, and, that he can keep being successful at reversing these conditions if  he just keeps doing what he is doing.  

If medications would have been prescribed first he and others would have believed that his lifestyle changes weren’t the  critical factor in his disease reversal and he would be dependent on the health practitioner and medications (and side effects) to treat his diabetes, high blood fats and probably  his low testosterone.

After more weight loss and normalization of his blood sugar  and blood fats, then the low testosterone should be retested and assessed in the context of his symptoms and treated  probably.

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