Take Your Lyme Disease Blinders Off!

“Take Your Lyme Disease Blinders Off”
Antibiotics are an accepted and necessary part of Lyme Disease treatment. Excessive antibiotics without “counter” treatment can cause many of the same symptoms of chronic Lyme Disease.

Every few months (2-3) Lyme patients should be treated and/or evaluated for fungal or bacterial overgrowth in the gut and low allergy, low glycemic, whole food diets should be employed.

Ask your Lyme physician every couple of months what they are doing to keep your gastrointestinal tract and immune system balanced while taking the antibiotics.

A key component of “checking” or balancing the gut’s health should be an antifungal treatment with diet, supplements, herbs, AND MEDICATIONS (ANTIFUNGALS) every couple of months for as long as one is on antibiotics for Lyme Disease.

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