Sinus Pain – Is It Food Allergy and Fungus?…or a Tumor?

Sinus Pain – Is It Food Allergy and Fungus?…or a Tumor?
A 57 year old male complaining of a lump in the back of his neck which seems to grow with his sinus congestion and gets more intense and painful. The size of the lump goes up and down with the degree of sinus pain, and, coming into the Sacramento Valley from Monterey to work each week for several days makes it worse.

He has seen his primary care and two ENT specialists and all that is being done is an MRI to his head and neck to rule out a possible mass.

Over the last several years he has had a body skin rash that has improved significantly being off wheat.

He has needed a CPAP machine for the last 10 years for sleep apnea.

When he was very young he vividly remembers the “pink” Amoxicillin being given frequently and between 16-20 he had very bad acne and was on antibiotics for 2-3 years straight.

He has always craved and eaten dairy foods from a child to the present…

His diet now is gluten free with lots of vegetables, fruit and lean meats, but also lots of dried fruit…and he still eats and craves dairy products.

He will be placed on a hypoallergenic rice protein shake for breakfast; a large vegetable salad for lunch; and mixed whole food dinner with no more than a palm full of animal food.

He will eat off the BED Diet and special emphasis was made to stay absolutely off dairy, eggs and wheat.

He was placed on two antifungal medicines; 2 probiotics, a multivitamin/mineral, vitamin C, green tea extract and vitamin D.

He will also do a food allergy IgE/IgG test.

We shall see. I will be very surprised if his sinus issues and sleep apnea don’t improve immensely. The neck growth/lesion may take some time.

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