Joint Pain Relief While Treating High Blood Pressure

Joint Pain Relief While Treating High Blood Pressure 
A low allergy, predominantly plant-based diet with less than a palm full of animal food 2-3 times per week  in a 78 year old Hispanic female with type 2 diabetes; a recent stroke with carotid atherosclerosis; high cholesterol; high blood pressure; significant back, knee and hip pain; lots of sinus congestion and drainage who was overweight after 3 months: lost 12 lbs; got off all her blood pressure medication; dropped significantly her cholesterol and blood sugar; had her sinus congestion go away AND her back and hip pain completely disappear. She now has no slurred speech from her stroke. 

The dramatic improvement in sinus congestion and drainage, and hip and back pain relief is probably due to the elimination of common allergens on this diet of all dairy foods, eggs, bread products and sugars.

Eat the plant food only on my Basic Elimination Diet and
you will be on a “low allergy” plant-based diet.

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