Heart Failure and the Critical Role of Coenzyme Q10

Heart Failure and the Critical Role of Coenzyme Q10
Heart failure is the number one cause of hospital admissions
over the age of 65. More than 5.8 million Americans have
heart failure in the U.S. and more than 310,000 deaths are caused by heart failure.

A recent study in the American Journal of Cardiology:
Heart Failure, (JACC Heart Fail. 2014 Dec;2(6):641-9) showed
the following with 100 mg of CoQ10 (ubiquinone form)
three times per day for two years in heart failure
patients compared to placebo:
44% reduction in cardiovascular mortality
42% reduction in all-cause mortality
45% reduction in the number of hospital stays
29% improvement in the number of patients who
had positive changes on their New York Heart
Association classification of heart failure severity.

These findings if extrapolated to the U.S. population
would be 120,000 lives saved each year.

Heart failure comes from the heart’s inability to
pump blood effectively around the body leading to
a “back-up” of fluid and eventual “suffocation” from
one’s own body fluids. An energy deficit within
the heart muscle (mitochondria in the heart cells)
can make heart failure worse and progress rapidly.

Coenzyme Q10 is a compound made in the body from
cholesterol. The use of statin drugs blocks the
body’s production of cholesterol which can lead
to muscle pain and dysfunction, reduced hormone
production and possibly cognitive problems. The
wide spread use of statins may increase the risk
to heart failure because of its effect on CoQ10.

Research by cardiologist and heart failure and CoQ10
expert Peter Langsjoen, MD (my interview with Dr. Langsjoen)
suggest keeping CoQ10
blood levels above 3.5 ug/ml to
optimize heart
function in heart failure patients.This will
generally take at least 400 mg of CoQ10 as the ubiquinol
form (antioxidant form) taken with
food, preferably with
some fat. Then one should
retest for an adequate CoQ10
level above 3.5 ug/ml
and adjust accordingly.

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