Is the Ketogenic Diet Good for Cancer?…Dr. Gonzalez Responds! (article)

Many people in alternative, and some traditional circles, are excited about the ketogenic diet (high fat, low or no carbs) to “starve” the cancer cell of sugar so it cannot produce energy and “die.” The hypothesis is that the cancer cell only lives off anaerobic (no air) glycolysis, “the enzymatic breakdown of a carbohydrate, as glucose or glycogen (stored sugar), by way of phosphate derivatives with the production of pyruvic or lactic acid and energy stored in high-energy phosphate bonds of ATP, to produce energy,” unlike like normal cells which can also use the citrus acid cycle and electron transport to create energy (ATP).

The hypothesis is with the use of the ketogenic diet the cancer cell is starved of  glucose and cannot make ATP (energy) from glycolosis and it stops the cancer. While normal cells can produce energy (ATP) from ketone bodies and fatty acids and survive.

Therefore the current popular hypothesis of Dr. THOMAS N. SEYFRIED, PHD, a current proponent of the ketogenic diet, is that you can stop cancer in it’s tracks by a no carb diet that keeps blood sugar low, which both alternative and traditional physicians are giving credence too.

Dr. Sefried is a traditional researcher who has taught and conducted research in the fields of neurogenetics, neurochemistry, and cancer for more than twenty-five years at Yale University and Boston College, and has published  more than 150 scientific articles and book chapters.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, who I have interviewed 3 times in my podcasts (interviews (1) (2) (3) ), who has used the Kelley Method to treat cancer for almost 3 decades with success in very difficult cancers, uses the Kelley Method which involves using either a more high fat, meat based diet, or, a high carbohyrate diet depending on the cancer type and the person’s autonomic disposition, along with a lot of high dose pancreatic enzymes between meals and therapies such as coffee enemas. Dr. Gonzalez is the real deal. If he weren’t so far away (New York) I would refer more patients to him.

This 8 part series is a must read if you have cancer or a loved one has cancer and you/they are considering goingon the Ketogenic Diet to treat cancer, which is the
current rage. Again if you have cancer or know a loved one considering this therapy take the time to read this 8 part series.

The Ketogenic diet and cancer
Posted by: Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. in Ketogenic Diet and Cancer September 3, 2013
The Ketogenic diet and cancer – part 1 of 8
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The Ketogenic diet and cancer – part 8 of 8


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