“Yuppie Alcoholism,” Losing Weight and Lowering Your Cholesterol

A 59 year old female on a vegan diet in 2 weeks dropped 8 lbs and her cholesterol decreased from 272 to 196 (28%), triglycerides 168 to 51 (70%), and LDL cholesterol 182 to 117 (36%) and she lost 8 lbs and felt more energy and less brain fog. Significant diet changes were getting off of all alcohol (2-3 glasses of wine a night), cheeses and dairy, animal foods, added fats and sugars. She said going on a whole food, no oil plant-based diet was “easy”.

Key Points: 1) 2-3 drinks/glasses of any alcohol per night can lead to excess weight-gain and fogginess in the morning. 2) Cholesterol and other lipids can drop dramatically and quickly on a whole food, unprocessed, vegan, no oil added diet equal too, if not greater than, a statin drug.

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