Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – Treating It The Right Way!

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treating It the Right Way!

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ED is an early warning sign of hardening of the arteries
and risk to heart disease.The younger it occurs the more
heart disease risk.

Many men think it is only a low testosterone issue, which
it is associated with. But it is more important to go on a
comprehensive lifestyle program to reverse your cardiovascular
disease, and this will eventually improve ED  most people.

This case include a 70 plus year old long time diabetic who
much of his colon removed who had mental fog, memory issues,
fatigue, reduced libido and erectile dysfunction, and low

He was first put on a low fat, whole food, nutrient dense, low
allergy plant based diet; dietary supplements; treatment of
dysbiosis (abnormal gut flora); intravenous therapy of standard
chelation, phosphatidylcholine and glutathione; and then
testosterone and DHEA therapy.

His mental sharpness, memory, energy and general well being
improved as did his erections hallmarked by a return of early
morning erections, improved libido and sexual performance.

This is the best way for the patient to get the maximum benefit
and lowest reliance on solely hormone therapy.

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