Empower Yourself! Drop Your Cholesterol with Diet Not Drugs!

Empower Yourself! Drop Your Cholesterol with Diet Not Drugs!
A 75 year old female who was overweight, had high cholesterol and in two weeks drops here cholesterol from 245 to 203, LDL 154 to 113, hs CRP 3.8 to 2.2 and lost 4-5 lbs on a whole food, mainly plant-based diet with one palm full of animal food or less per day; no processed carbohydrates (ate her grains in a bowl); no dairy products or eggs.

The chronic phlegm in her throat and lungs went away; her hip pain and stiffness left; her trunk felt lighter; she stop falling asleep after meals; it took her less effort to do her activities of daily living; she has was not hungry; and in general she just felt good.

If she had been put on a statin and rechecked in 2-3 months she would have attributed her cholesterol drop to the drug. Since she saw a significant cholesterol drop (and felt much better) in just 2 weeks she knows she is in control of her health and feels “empowered” and that she can make greater changes over the next several months!

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