Pinto Beans, Corn, Carrot and Left-Over Stir Fry in Cranberry Spelt Wrap

Pinto Beans, Corn, Carrot and Left-Over Stir Fry in Cranberry Spelt Wrap

1 can pre-cooked pinto beans1 can corn kernels
1 handful of shredded carrots
1 cup left-over vegetable stir fry
6 spelt tortillas
½ can cranberry sauce
1 cup left-over Baby Bok Choy, cauliflower, brown rice stir fry

Garlic and onion powders, parsley, steak seasoning, Louisiana garlic hot sauce

Put into wok/skillet left-overs (stir fry) stir and add in 1 can organic cooked pinto beans and 1 can of cooked corn kernals with a handful of shredded carrots and stir 1-2 minutes.  Add in garlic and onion powders and 4-5 shakes of the steak seasoning and parsley each. Stir and simmer 1-2 minutes.

At the same time have a second pot/skillet heated-up and start “spin cooking” the spelt tortillas flipping them frequently until soft and warm, but not crispy (don’t wrap well). Put on cutting board spelt tortillia, take the back of a spoon and smear some cranberry sauce in the tortilla. Then get a large spoon or spatula and put your corn, pinto beans, carrots and left-over mixed in the tortilla and roll it folding the ends. Can eat immediately or put in refrigerator or freezer and eat later. Makes six burritos easily with 1-2 cups of left-overs.

Wok or skillet
Large spoon
Cutting board
Broad cutting knife and cleaver


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